How it all began

Everything happened so fast. It is as if a greater power had a hand on this, guiding us toward each other…

“I have a problem with my phone!”

Rachelle’s Sony Ericsson W890i mobile phone was probably the key to it all. Due to the problem she was (and still is!) experiencing with it, out of frustration she suddenly spoke to the person exactly next to her at that time. Guess who was it? Good guess, it was me! She asked me if I know how to repair a mobile phone. And like a knight in shining armor, of course I said yes. After that short conversation, I gave her a second look. That’s when I noticed and said to myself, “cute yun ah…”

Baby shower party

Almost a month after my short conversation with Rachelle about her phone’s problem and after a couple of other text messages about it, I was walking home when out of nowhere something reminded me about it that compelled me to call her. That phone call was followed by a string of text messages between us until 2 am (and maybe was extended further if she was not going to work and I would be attending church service the next morning!) One of the topics of conversation was attending Eduard and Leila’s baby shower party. This party marked the start of our love story.

A walk to remember

After the baby shower party, Rachelle asked me if I can accompany her  to her friend’s place for another party. From Buhairah Corniche where the baby shower was held, we walked the stretch of the corniche road towards King Faisal Street. Here, we talked a lot of things about ourselves, what we like, our dislikes, you know, those getting-to-know-each-other talks. While walking, we passed by the Al-Noor Mosque which looked very magnificent at night due to its play of lights. I took this picture of Rachelle with the mosque as a background. It’s just fitting to match beauty with beauty.