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Ninongs and Ninangs: Engr. Joselito Nepomuceno and Dr. Irene Nepomuceno

Dennis has always looked up to his Ninong Lito and Ninang Irene. They both have successful careers, managed their family very well and are very active officers of the church.

Ninongs and Ninangs: Bro. Almario Pangan and Sis. Fredisminda Ico

Dennis and Rachelle have the same reasons for getting their Ninong Mhar and Ninang Minda: they look up to them when it comes to the performance of their church duties. Dennis  has been always close to his Ninong Mhar, they are both members of the Molino choir and he is also a very good husband to Ninang Lissa and father to their children. Rachelle, on the other hand, has always looked up to her Ninang Minda. She has been the long time choir directress in their ecclesiastical district of Pangasinan West.

Ninongs and Ninangs: Bro. Licerio Ramos and Dr. Arlene Bautista

Ninong Licer is one the Head Deacons in Dennis’ home locale of Molino in Cavite. He has always admired the strong faith that he possessed and his untiring performance of his church duties. Ninang Arlene is one of the closest family friends of Dennis and has always considered her as one of his second parent.