Before “Us”

We already knew each other then, we knew each other existed, maybe by name or face. But we still didn’t know what the future holds for us…

Choir practices

We are members of our church’s choir, we attend weekly church services and choir practices, we may have bumped with each other from time to time, but we still have different lives then. Can you spot where both of us are in the picture?

So near, yet so far

This picture was taken in one of our after-practice-choir gatherings. Look at how near we were here, yet our lives were still so much far away.

Close encounters

It was our church’s sportsfest when this picture was taken. I just came from a game and she just arrived at the venue from work. I was so thirsty and hungry then. I saw her holding a big glass of softdrinks on one hand and a large Hardees burger on the other. Maybe the hunger and thirst was very evident in my face that when I approached her and Ate Lyn she immediately offered me her burger and softdrinks. Of course I didn’t hesitate to accept it! After munching the remnants of her burger and sipping what’s left of her drink, as a return gesture I posed in this picture with her (with matching dikit-ulo moment pa! Close na kami di ba?). Thanks for the shot Bernz!