How it all began

Everything happened so fast. It is as if a greater power had a hand on this, guiding us toward each other…

Our first date

After a wonderful evening together, I wasted no time to invite her out again the next day. At first, we were¬† supposed to be going back to Buhairah Corniche for an afternoon walk. But the weather didn’t permit it. A sand storm hindered our plans. So instead, we found ourselves at Sahara Center. This picture was when we dropped by Starbucks at Sahara. Here, we conversed about bits of our love lives over Rachelle’s hot choco with hazel nut and my Java chip frappuccino. After our date, I walked her home to their building. That was the time when I asked her permission if I could court her. I was very glad that she said yes.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

During our first date, we also watched our first movie together. “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, which starred Isla Fisher and Hugh Dancy. This is the first time I heard her laugh like there’s no tomorrow!

Freak coincidence

Three days after our first date, Rachelle had an overtime at work and was going home later than the usual. Coincidentally, I myself had extra overtime hours and was asked by my manager to go home early that day. Talk about right timing! This freak coincidence resulted to our second unplanned date at Deira City Centre.