Latest Updates

Teal and Persimmon

Our site has now undergone its first phase of make-over, it’s now wearing our chosen color motif: teal and persimmon. Also, there are new additions in our wedding suppliers list as a result of Rachelle’s 10-day stint in the Philippines. If you haven’t seen it, visit the page now! More changes to follow, in the next phase of the make-over we would already reveal the theme of our wedding! So, please watch out!

Less than two months to go…

Rachelle is now in the Philippines making final arrangements for our wedding. Whew, less than two months to go and still a lot of things to do! Finally, Rachelle was able to arrange our wedding license, choose and book the INC chapel where the wedding will take place, do her gown fitting, decide on the menu for the reception (I should have been there for the food tasting…), select her make-up artist and florist, booked hotel rooms for family and guests, settle on the type of wedding cake, pick out the right bridal car and meet with other suppliers that we only have just previously conversed over the phone and email.

Also, this site will have a make over. it will be redesigned to coincide with our wedding theme. Just waiting to finalize some more details… So, stay tuned!

Gown and Tux designs

Take a sneak peak of our tux and gown designs prepared by our couture Ms. Merlene Marcelo.